Learn how to be an efficient privacy professional and navigate GDPR requirements with confidence, without burning out and while enjoying the journey.

Answers to all data privacy requirements

This GDPR training is built to provide you with all the GDPR essentials + practical insights into how GDPR is implemented in companies. The terminology, GDPR principles explained in details, security, data subjects’ rights, data transfer mechanisms… You will have everything you need to become a reliable and confident privacy professional.

The Challenges of Being a Privacy Professional

GDPR compliance sometimes feels like getting in the way of the business. Privacy professionals and people regularly processing data are often challenged by practical questions and the need to run the company. People for business units turn to them for answers that they need to provide.

This is challenging and can be very stressful for you. This course is designed with that in mind. It provides all the foundations of GDPR in details, so that you can turn back to it easily when in need. It also goes beyond mere theory and provides practical examples taken from real-life experience as a data privacy consultant.

GDPR Training and Awareness for Employees Privacy Professionals

It is now mandatory to provide staff with data privacy training. Privacy professionals and employees handling personal data regularly (HR, marketing…) should follow a more intensive and in-depth course. This is what this class is designed for.

Who should attend this GDPR training and awareness programme?

This one-day GDPR course is particularly suited for employees handling personal data regularly or working as part of a DPO’s privacy team or involved in GDPR compliance. In particular:

  • Information security managers
  • HR, Marketing, data analysts and other staff processing personal data daily
  • DPOs and privacy professionals in need of reliable information and resources
  • Auditors, risk and compliance professionals
  • Individuals looking to build a career in data privacy

How often should GDPR training be done?

The frequency of GDPR training is not clearly defined, but it is important to provide regular training to employees to ensure they are aware of the regulation and their responsibilities in relation to it. This helps ensure that personal data is handled correctly and protects the rights of individuals.

Organizations should consider the following factors when determining the frequency of GDPR training:

  1. The size and complexity of the organization
  2. The type of data processed and the level of risk it poses to individuals
  3. Changes to the organization’s operations or processes
  4. Changes to the regulation
  5. The number of employees who handle personal data

It is recommended to conduct GDPR training at least annually, or more frequently if there are significant changes to the organization or the regulation. This helps to keep employees up to date and ensures that the organization continues to comply with GDPR. Additionally, new employees should receive GDPR training as part of their onboarding process.

In conclusion, regular GDPR training is crucial to ensure employees are aware of their responsibilities and understand how to handle personal data correctly. Organizations should determine how often should GDPR training be done based on their specific circumstances. For example, HR and marketing should receive specific training more frequently than employees less in contact with personal data.