emmanuel-pernot-leplayWho I am & why this blog

My name is Emmanuel Pernot-Leplay, I hold degrees from law schools in France and China. I hold my PhD in comparative law from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, focusing on data protection in the EU, the U.S. and China. This blog was created as part of my research project and I regularly update it since then.

I am now a data privacy consultant at Deloitte Cyber Risk in Paris. As mentioned, this blog relates to my work as a researcher and not as a Deloitte consultant.

My publications

I write mostly on comparative law and policy, in the fields of data privacy, digital policy and their implications for national security. Being a comparatist in nature, I compare the EU, US and China’s approaches on these topics, building upon the work I laid out in my PhD thesis.

Academic Law Review Articles

W. Gregory Voss & Emmanuel Pernot-Leplay, China Data Flows and Power in the Era of Chinese Big Tech, Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business, Vol. 44, Issue 1, forthcoming in 2023.

Emmanuel Pernot-Leplay, China’s Approach on Data Privacy Law: A Third Way Between the U.S. and the EU?, Penn State Journal of Law & International Affairs, Volume 8, Issue 1.

Emmanuel Pernot-Leplay, EU Influence on Data Privacy Laws: Is the U.S. Approach Converging with the EU Model?, Colorado Technology Law Journal, Volume 18, Issue 1.

Media Mentions